Post production in Milan

Post production in Milan

Post production in Milan is one of the services offered by Roundabout studio. For any audio-visual product, the studio in Milan offers the best and most expert professionals around and the most advanced softwares and hardwares. This grants the possibility to work precisely and accurately. So Roundabout is a studio of post production in Milan endowed with advanced technologies and designed to grant the best comfort to the workforces present. At the cutting edge of technology and production quality, the studio adds decades long expertise of its collaborators.

Indeed, between the techniques that fall under the umbrella term of post production that the studio offers, we can list the following.

Dubbing and audio-visual localization:

  • post-sync: in sync, voice-over and oversound
  • voicing in Italian and/or other languages (with native speakers)
  • sub-titling in Italian and/or other languages of tv shows

Mixing (audio):

  • sync and mix with separate stems;
  • sound design, effects creation;


  • creative editing; offline and online editing
  • commercials and tv shows re-editing, creating ad hoc blocks, launches and recap
  • corporate videos creation


  • AfterEffects projects creation
  • compositing and speciali effects creation (FX)
  • dimensionalizations, stereography, 3D images and video creation
  • color correction and color grading
  • motion graphics and modelling/animation of 2D and 3D graphics
  • storyboard and moodboard, character design

The listed above are general productions, summed up to give an idea of what the studio has to offer. We indeed grouped different types of productions in four macro groups. For any special request, hence, you just have to contact us and let us know what are the needs and the final result that you want to achieve. Drop us a line or give us a call.