Editing in Milan


Editing is essential to movies and series success, as well as for all sorts of animation film. It is an inescapable and crucial element. New technologies and most advanced softwares allow to create Oscar worthy final products. At Roundabout studio in Milan this kind of production is not only possible, but our daily routine. The studio offers indeed solutions appropriate to any sort of audio-visual product.

Editing is one of the processes included in the overall umbrella term post-production. Each one and every professional collaborator of Roundabout studio works at very high levels and the editing studio make five modern and comfortable studios available, to grant best performing levels during long working hours. Editing - Post production editing graphic dubbing revoicing Roundabout studio Milan

The best editing national and international experts gravitate around Roundabout, in Milan. Proudly having a very long experience in different kinds of productions, the company grants a wide coverage: creative -, offline and online -, tv shows re-, commercials, documentaries and films.

Editing history starts with the birth of cinema itself (source Wikipedia). It is considered an actual language. For example juxtaposing two images or a sequence of them can suggest very different ideas, hence sending a different message.

The work of the director and of the editor(s) intertwine and go hand in hand towards the realization of the final narrative project. Every details makes the difference. This is why every frame is thoroughly studied depending on the aim and messages that needs to be delivered.

Editing is therefore an actual language creation act. It is hence to be considered an essential part of audio-visual post-production. In order to get the best final result, the choice of the professionals that will deliver it is fundamental. This is why addressing tot he best field’s experts become extremely important, like the professionals that collaborate with Roundabout studio in Milan.