Dubbing studio in Milan

Dubbing studio in Milan

The dubbing studio in Milan Roundabout grants an excellent and remarkably professional job in revoicing/post-sync that satisfies any audio-visual production need. We collaborate with the best translators available on the market. They are extremely precise and realize scripts that do justice to the originals, but that are highly enjoyable in the end language.

Roundabout, the dubbing studio in Milan, works with the best post-sync directors with many years of experiences, both as directors and as dubbers. Post-sync coordinators are irreplaceable when it comes to grant that the voice-actors give their best during recordings and that the synchronization is constantly more than perfect. Dubbing studio in Milan - post-sync revoicing Roundabout studio Milan

The voice-artists that work at the dubbing studio in Milan Roundabout all are top class. The studio offers a wide database, constantly updated, from which to pick the right voice for the final product. Between the dubbers there are very very famous voices that made Italian dubbing school history, as well as young voices.

The famous Italian dubbing school grants notably satisfying results and very professional and refined products. Either for voice-over and for post-sync, Italian dubbers are the pioneers of this field.

Whether you need to realize a sync or simil-sync revoicing, in over sound or voice over of any audio-visual product (documentary, reality shows or movies), Roundabout, the dubbing studio in Milan offers a wife selection of ad hoc solutions.

Post-production of an audio-visual product is made of little single passages; these little passages are like small tiles that adds up to one another to form the whole puzzle. In order to get to complete the puzzle, there needs to be the experts of the field. Many of these experts are regular collaborators of the dubbing studio in Milan, Roundabout Studio.

What is dubbing?

Dubbing can be defined as the process of replacing recorded voices with either the original actor dubbing him/herself or another language native performer recording his/her voice to make the material available in other languages or an actor recording the voice of an animated character.