Dubbing and audio-visual localization

  • dubbing (post-sync), voice-over and oversound
  • Italian and other native languages speakers
  • subtitles in Italian and in other languages

What we worked onto so far:

American Idol S.14 Bad Ink S.1 Bad Ink S.2 Barbra Streisand Bondi Ink S.1
Bondi Ink S.2 Caravaggio Contemporary Profiles Cosplay Melee S.1 Crazy Animals S.4
Dark Net S.1 Deep Purple Don’t Drive Here S.1 – S.2 Freakshow S.1 Freakshow S.2
Hansa Studio By The Wall Hollywood Scandals S.2 Intervention S.8 Intervention S.9 Intervention S.10
Intervention S.11 Intervention S.12 Italian Season Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour A Kylie Christmas
La Dolce Vita MasterPasticcere di Francia S.1 MasterPasticcere di Francia S.2 Made in Denmark S.1 Made in Denmark S.2
Made in Denmark Christmas Michael Bubl√© Live Show at BBC Rachel Hunter’s tour of beauty S.2 Roy Orbison Mystery Girl Unraveled Scared of Santa
Saving Christmas Secret Life of Pets Sex Pod Shipping Wars S.4 Shipping Wars S.5
Shipping Wars S.6 Street Art Throwdown S.1 Tattoo Nightmares S.1 Tattoo Nightmares S.2 The Greatest Showman
The Island S.1 The Island S.2 The Legend of the Palm d’Or The Undrivables S.1 The Quest S.1
Tiny House Hunting S.1 Tiny House Hunting S.2 Tiny House Hunting S.3 Tiny House Nation S.1 Tiny House Nation S.2
Tiny House Nation S.3 Tiny House World S.1 Too Cute S.3 Vanity Fair Confidential S.3