Copywriting is one of the most wanted jobs as of late. Communication is strategic in every core business and hence the importance of the role of writers that can adapt the contents to the needs and goals of their clients.

Whether the final aim is actual advertisement or social media engagement, copywriting is key to marketing purposes (source Wikipedia). Writing is an art and can be used for promotion and persuasion. Often times it is used to sell items or to consolidate a brand; it can be used to spread an unprecedented need or to optimize website positioning in search engines.

Copywriting, hence, is one of the key assets that any audio-visual product needs to include in the production and post-production processes. Roundabout studio offers between its services, beside transcription and realization of localization for TV shows, also creative writing and copywriting.

As mentioned in the dubbing and localization page, localization is more than translating, because it has the aim of contextualizing what is said in the show. Localization’s goal is to offer proper equivalents so that the target audience can understand and enjoy the translated product as well as the originalCopywriting Roundabout Studio Milano.

Often times you can spot copywriting practices into tv shows and it is not always that easy or possible to transpose the same in the target language. In order to do this at best, copywriters and experts of localization should work hand in hand.

Imagine lyrics of a song written specifically for a reality show, that include some satire of the actual local political environment and that needs to be adapted to different countries and markets. Obviously not everywhere you can maintain the same satire bits, unless the target country is known to be highly informed on global politics. The lyrics will have to be localized keeping in mind the music, the rhythm and rhymes.